About Us

For 40 years Anchor Machine Works, Ltd. has been supplying precision machining and deep hole drilling services to the oilfield service, petrochemical and aerospace industries. Since itís beginning Anchor Machine Works, has made a commitment to outstanding quality, competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

Our five thousand square foot air conditioned facility is located is located just southwest of downtown Houston. Our precision manufacturing and fabrication & welding are staffed with experienced manufacturing personnel and backed by a proven, fully documented quality assurance program.

We offer prototype and production machining services at a very competitive pricing with less lead time so you can meet your prototype or design stage goals. Services such as straightening, grinding, heat treating, coating, plating, material purchasing, and process certification can be provided at the customers request. Whether you need a one of a kind component or parts in production quantities, Anchor Machine Works can help meet your manufacturing and production goals.